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December 2023

Dec 8

John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ’s total self-gift

by Catherine Cavadini The mystery of Christ’s love is prophesied by John the Baptist. He is the forerunner of Christ’s total self-gift. From the womb of his mother, Elizabeth, to his own death at the hands of Herod, John prepares the way of Christ. Alongside Mary, whom John greets from his mother’s womb, John’s...
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Dec 6

Discover the Jesse Tree, a hidden gem of Advent traditions

by Colleen Pressprich While some children are raised on the Jesse Tree, I was an adult the first time I encountered one. In fact, I only stumbled upon it by chance while researching Advent activities for my classroom. I was immediately enamored and wondered why I had never heard of this tradition before. Not having a book or rubric, I was...
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Dec 4

Advent and the surprise answer to the mystery of consolation

by Father Patrick Briscoe “Human beings possess a great and readily observable weakness for which they need much support and comfort,” says the Italian priest philosopher Luigi Giussani. “They have an endemic fear engendered by a temptation to reduce the total image of their lives to what can be visibly and materially...
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Dec 1

Watching with spiritual eyes in Advent

by Father Joshua J. Whitfield “Anyone who lacks spiritual eyes, and whose soul has not become open and watchful, will not understand the reason we are so often festive.” These are the words of Jesuit Father Alfred Delp, which he preached in Munich just before Christmas 1942. I have always found them remarkable. He preached in...
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